Hi Guys,

     I need information from everyone............ First -- Our Annual Awards Banquet will be on Feb 10th 2018 at Gary Labrie's home..... and before you know it --- February will be here.   So with that said; what I need to know from everybody is ... are you coming to the Banquet ( and a plus 1 ) and if you are coming --- what will you bring for food ?  You don't have to know now -- but I just need to have a head count and an idea of what food will be brought.  I also need to know for whom you are voting for -- for "Sportsman of the Year"  You can call me, email me or leave me a message on facebook  ( on the club site or under my name ) with your vote.


    I know it seems early for all this .... but like I said before ---- before you know it Feb. 10th  will be here.   If I don't hear from eveyone by Christmas I will begin calling you after New Years.


We will have an On-Line meeting on Nov. 6th at 6:30 PM