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2015 and 2016 Early Bird Schedule

All Tournaments Confrimed

The tournaments have been confirmed and most permits are in hand for 2015 and the 2 for the 2016 season.

That went far easier than expected and I nailed the dates I wanted for each event which is amazing!

West Monponsett only on the permit, no East for some reason. I will call the Halifax Police and see what the deal is to be sure.

Snipatuit is only for 5 boats at the public ramp, so we need to look into getting use from Decas or make a change. Maybe we can piggy back on Daves parking permit and split the fee?

 I will be forwarding copes of the permits to Frank so there should be no concerns there.



Glen Charlie Results

Here are the results from Glen Charlie


1-  Gary Joy         10.80      3.91*
2-  Al Simmons       9.26     2.79
3-  Steve Ayala       4.32
4-  Doug Edmunds   4.13    2.17
5-  Frank Marcano    3.77    1.75
6-  John Ferranti      3.23    1.89
7-  Gary Labrie        2.13
8-  Paul Nelson        1.73
9-  Chuck Casella     1.59
10- Eric Nelson         0
11- Zach Burns         0


Well thats it for 2014 --- The next time we get together, other then when we are on-line for our meetings, will be at Gary Labries house for our Annual Awards Banquet.

Next on-line meeting --- Nov. 3 at 6:30PM



Glen Charlie Directions

For those members that need it --- here are the directions to Glen Charlie ramp
From the Cape
1-   Take Rte. 6 to the Sagamore Bridge --- go over the bridge and take the second exit to Rte. 6 Rte.- 25W
2-   Take Rte. 25W to exit 2 (Glen Charlie Rd) and stay to the left.
3-   Make a left turn onto Glen Charlie Rd.
4-   Follow Glen Charlie Rd for about 2.5 will see a Dunkin Donuts at the intersection.
5-   Turn left onto Plymouth Ave.
6-   Stay on Plymouth Ave. until you come to Churbuck Street.
7-   Turn left onto Churbuck Street to Mayflower Way.
8-   Turn left onto Mayflower --- then
9-   Turn left onto Little Street, which changes to Sunset Blvd.
10-  You will come to Shangri-la Blvd on your left -- turn onto Shangri-la and follow it to the ramp.
From Off-Cape
Take Route 25E to  Exit 2, and stay to the right to Maple Springs Rd.
 Follow Maple Springs Rd. ( which changes to Rte. 28 ) to Depot Street
 Turn left onto Depot Street ( which changes to Glen Charlie Rd. )
 Now follow 4 - 10 above.