Club News


Feb Meeting...Banquet

    A very short and quick meeting was held before the Banquet. Up for a vote was the dropping of tournaments from 8 to 7, and the dropping of the payouts to 1st and 2nd only, because of the low membership.  It was decided to wait before changing anything until we see if the membership increases, since there are 5 new members pending. Also on the table for a vote was the fact that the warranty for our scale has expired and did we want to renew it. The members voted to renew the contract for another 3 years.  The meeting was adjourned and the Banquet began.
   We had a fantastic selection of food and everyone ate until they could eat no more. The Awards Ceremony began and Awards and Trophies were handed out to the members that fished hard to reach this point and Gary Joy, our "Angler of the Year"  took home 13 of the possible 23 awards.  After we raffled off our prizes we sat and talked about fishing for about an hour.
    We would like to  THANK  Gary and Dawn Labrie for opening up their home to the members and guests so that we would have a wonderful place to hold our
Banquet.........."THANK  YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU"



Last Update

It looks like there will be a little weather that we will
need to keep an eye on --- but nothing looks bad enough
to cancel the Banquet.   All we ask is that you show
up at Gary Labries house as close to 6 PM as possilbe,
 so we can have our little meeting, have dinner, hand
out the trophies, and have our raffle, and get everyone
safely home as soon as we can.

See you all tomorrow,




Another Update

Again the weather still looks pretty good for the its still on.

Keep watching the web-site and your emails everyday for updates.