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Tonight at 7 PM
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Last Tournament of the Season

As we have all waited for a date and location of our last tournament of the season, it is now official. 

         Oct. 12, 2014 at Glen Charlie

As it stands now, this is the last part of our schedule........

Sunday  Sept. 14....Wequaquet

Sunday  Sept. 28... TOC ... Billington Sea

Sunday   Oct. 12 ... Glen Charlie 

Good Luck and see you soon. 



Steve Pimental Tournament

The 10th Annual Steve Pimental Tournament was a great success.       22 boats turned out for this event and it turned out to be a fantastic event all around.  The weather was uncooperative in the beginning, the clouds were around in the morning, the sun came out in the afternoon, but all day long the wind just kept blowing and blowing ... just like as if it was looking for the three little pigs. Anyway ... here are the top ten :

1-  19.98 lbs.   Eli - Tom

2-  19.15 lbs.   Joy - LaChance

3-  17.98 lbs.   Bob - Joe

4-  16.81 lbs.   Warren - Carl

5-  16.29 lbs.   Mike - Al

6-  16.05 lbs.   Team Last Leg

7-  13.81 lbs.   Ferranti - Mike

8-  13.45 lbs.   Labrie - Marcano

9-  12.84 lbs.   Chapin - Capistren

10- 12.40 lbs.  Team Possy

The BBQ given by The Fishing Academy (for which the event is held) was very tasty, and the raffle was an outstanding success ..... after all was said and done .... we were able to give The Fishing Academy a donation of $3000.00.  To see the good work that they do ... checkout their website at .....  

Thanks to all the participants  .... and see you all next year